Care for Bed Sheets

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SUGGESTED CARE INSTRUCTIONS FOR THOMASTON MILLS SHEETS Sheets manufactured by Thomaston Mills contain polyester and cotton fibers. The laundry care instructions can vary depending on the equipment used by various laundries but should follow the below listed guidelines. 1. Wash water temperatures will cause very little variation in shrinkage or color up to temperatures of

Care of Terry Towel

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Wash and dry your towels before using them for the first time. Washing the towels first will remove any manufacturing finishes and allows maximum absorbency. Avoid using fabric softeners on toweling, as it will reduce the absorbency of the fibers. Give your towels a shake when taking them out of the washer. This will help

In our towel buying guide, we have showed you how to choose the right towels . In this handy buying guide, we will help you choose the right bed sheets for hospitals, healthcare facilities and homes. There  are the 4 tips that you need to know when buying bed sheets. Tip# 1: Choose the right

Are you always wondering what type of towels are the best for your business or how to choose the right towels to meet both quality and budget requirements of your business?  LUMS Industrial Supply Inc, one of  leading linens and uniforms suppliers in Canada, has created this handy towel buying guide for you. Take a