Towel face, hand


Bath Towel “24 x 48”

White, comfortable towel.

Size of 24 x 48 Inches.

Packed in 5 dz. per bale.


Bath Towel 25 x 50 Inches

Large, white soft bath towel; Cam border.

Size is 25 x 51.


Dobby Design Hand Towel (Large)

*Extra soft


*Dobby-design border

*Good finish

*White color


Golden Hand towels

Highly-flexible and long-lasting towels.


Hand Towels

Soft, all-purpose towels with great fluffiness.


White Face towels

Elegant, white face towels. Fluffy and extremely comfortable for all-purpose uses. Consume less water than laundary.


White Hand towels

Flexible, multi-purpose white hand towels which can be used for just about anything.