Towel Buying Guide – How to Choose Right Towels for Hotels, Healthcare and Spa Facilities

by / Tuesday, 06 January 2015 / Published in Blog

Are you always wondering what type of towels are the best for your business or how to choose the right towels to meet both quality and budget requirements of your business?  LUMS Industrial Supply Inc, one of  leading linens and uniforms suppliers in Canada, has created this handy towel buying guide for you. Take a few minutes and go through four tips that you need to know when buying towels.

Tip# 1: Choose the right fabric/material

Towels are made of cotton. The type of cotton fiber is one of the key factors that affect towel’s durability, feel and color-fastness. Below are the typical fabrics/materials that are used for towels.

Egyptian cotton is well known for its extra-long and fibrous threads. It is highly absorbent, strong and exceptionally durable.

Micro Cotton has soft and flush type of fibers, which adds fluffiness to towels with excellent absorbency.

Pima Cotton has rich and long staple fibers which is good for increasing strength and absorbency. Pima cotton is a superior blend of cotton.

Turkish Cotton features an extra-long staple which creates highly comfortable, absorbent and durable towels.

Tip#2: Understand the construction of towels

The yarn construction of towels is as important as the fabric/material that we just talked about. Here are the typical types of construction:

Combed Cotton is literally combed to remove shorter threads and debris. Only the strongest and longest threads are used to weave the towels.

Ringspun cotton is made by twisting long and short fibers together to make smoother, finer yarn. The ringspun cotton towels are more luxurious than combed cotton towel threads. It’s a long lasting choice for upscale locations.

Twist represents the number of twists per inch of yarn. Higher twist towels is more durable and substantial, while lower twist towels are plushier.

Tip# 3: Choose right size of towels

Towels are in a variety of sizes to satisfy all different needs and purposes.

Bath towel is most commonly used in hospitals, spas, fitness and gym centers, homes and healthcare facilities. It is usually 27’”x 52” in size.

Hand towel is used to dry hands after hand washing and as decorative accents. The size is typically 16” x 30”.

Bath sheet is oversized for more body coverage. The size is usually  35” x 60”.

Fingertip Towel is a mini kind of hand towel and can be used in the place of hand towel like guest room.

Tub Mat is a highly absorbent kind of towel and is usually used outside of tub to protect the floor from getting wet. The typical size is about 27” x 52”.

Washcloth is usuaully used both in and out of the bath. This super mini towel is about 13” x 13” in size.

Tip# 4: Understand the weight of towel.

The last but not the least tip of choosing right towels is to look at the weight of towel. Towels are measured in units known as GSM (grams per square meter). Bath towels varies between 300 to 900 GSM.

300-400 GSM: towels lower in GSM are usually used in the places where you want lightweight and quick dry-up such as gym and fitness centers.

400-600 GSM: medium weight towels are widely used as pool towels, bath towels and guest towels in hotels, Spas, high-scale clubs, healthcare facilities etc.

600-900 GSM: towels higher in GSM are of superior quality and are the kinds you will find in luxury hotels and spas.

Above are our towel buying guides for you. With these guides and tips, you will know what to look for when buying towels for your business or home and choose the right ones based on your real needs and budget.

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